O2R’s low-cost Flat Fee Collection Program is designed to retain more customers, while increasing your immediate cash flow. We listened to our clients − and based on their needs – we developed a solution that approaches the receivable process from a completely new perspective, with results that dramatically exceed the average national statistics. We Provide best Outsourcing Service and is best call center in mumbai.

Outsource2Rescue’s Flat Fee Collection Program benefits you to:

  • Lower Costs– Our “Flat Fee” Collection Program works out to a cost less than 6%,. That’s 1/5 the cost of traditional collection agencies!

  • Increase Recovery Rates− Outsource2Rescue averages over 42% recovery!! This exceeds the national average by over 300%. Ask about our Zero Risk Performance Guarantee!

  • Retain More Customers − Our diplomatic approach allows you to resolve customer service issues and retain more customers.

  • Increase Your Cash Flow – All payments go directly to you, significantly increasing your immediate cash flow.

  • 100% Control of Your Accounts Maintenance – You maintain full access to current standings on all accounts through Outsource2Rescue, our 24/7 secure web portal. And, you may intervene at any time, on any specific account to preserve client retention. Simply try, our program is modeled to cost less and deliver more favorable results than a typical collection agency. Just have a look at each of these benefits in detail.
  • Increase Your Cash Flow

    Further to recovering more and costing less, our Flat Fee Collection Program increases your immediate cash flow. As we mentioned all payments go directly to you, and Outsource2Rescue WebView gives us an open line of communication, so we have the idea when an account is paid off, or there is a balance change. And, since we have a proven track record for success, you will also see a reduction in your bad debt write off.

    Retain More Customers

    Our smart diplomatic approach is designed to be “effective”, not “offensive” to your customer. We use different scripts and develop it for each point of contact, and you review and control the communication process from start to finish, in order to maintain positive relationships with your clientele. Because we take a diplomatic approach, past-due customers are more approachable. If we see that a non-payment issue is actually a customer service issue, we report the problem to you in no time so you can step in, resolve the issue and retain the customer. You are always in complete control, and have the freedom to remove an account from the program at any time. And, because the Outsource2Rescue team is trained to represent you in a favorable demeanor, your customer is much less inclined to shop for another service to replace you.

    100% Control Management of Your Accounts

    Unlike typical collection agencies, Outsource2Rescue delivers technology that enables you secure 24/7 access to all of your accounts. Outsource2Rescue Web view gives you a real-time snapshot of your account status any time whenever you require it. You can also enter new accounts − any time and from anywhere – using a simple web browser. With Outsource2Rescue you are ALWAYS in full control of your customer relationships. You never have to tell a client, “Sorry, that I can’t help…your account is in collections.” Visit our page on Outsource2Rescue website to learn more. If you’d like a private demonstration, please contact us or call (855) 725 4257 to set an appointment. Outsource2Rescue’s Flat Fee Collection Program is a proven system that costs less, recovers more and helps you gain more customers. If you have very specific needs, we’re happy to work with you to develop a customized program that’s just right for your customers.