Appointment Setting Services

Appointment setting for B2B or B2C area where we specializes in increasing sales for clients by cold calling, generating leads, setting qualified appointments for their clients with their end customers and dealers. The qualified appointments, in turn assist the company in acquiring new customers & clients. O2R appointment setting service specialize in many techniques of lead generation like social media researching, targeting new customers, reaching out through various modes and channels, negotiation, & also network building.

In order to achieve business growth in today’s highly competitive market is no more a simple task. Appointment setting services in a right and professional way is a very effective tool for all small and large scale companies to gain business growth and greater market share. O2R appointment setting services set the platform for the initial pitch for sale of your product or service. We employ with our prospects at the early stages of the sales process, assisting them evaluate their need of a particular product or service and giving information on product pricing, features and usability. O2R ensures and works towards to bring you closer to conclude a sale and help your sales staff to get involve only with potential leads. O2R’s appointment setting services are closely handled by the expert people with a ability for sales. We help you to get a very powerful channel for sales promotion. Outsource appointment setting services to O2R and save your time and resources and focus on your core business.

O2R Appointment Setting Outsourcing Services Will Provide You an Edge

After spending 11years looking for appointment setting services for our business we realized that there is gap in generation of quality appointments between the large start up cost, long term commitment and general lack of control or understanding , what’s happening with our campaign. Call center, data provider and limited budget and the need to deliver appointment for the management team make this task overwhelming. As we have learnt each step of lead generation process, we adopted best practices and resources to create a no pressure environment for all from small to medium size business to experiment, once successful to replicate the growth. Our focus is the relationship with the key bridge between the client and the agents. Understanding the challenges of sales agent job managing and training our sales agent on a daily basis are key building block for our successful and sustainable campaign

Advance Lead Generation:

Making it very simple, instead of making cold calls for your business, we work behind the lead generation process and encourage the efficiency of your sales team.

Desired Resources and Costs:

O2R’s B2B and B2C outsourced appointment setting services will save your resources like infrastructure, sales personnel training and development. Not only that it gives you exceptional cost savings for all small or medium size firms.

Round the clock Operations:

O2R operates 24/7 in order to provide benefits to the organizations that function cross multiple time zones.

Results Oriented:

O2R’s sales appointment setting team agents are having 3 to 5 years sales and lead generation services experience. We have potential to deliver the best result for our clients.