Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple. We take your privacy seriously; we would like to mention how we collect, use, share and protect your information. This policy pertains to Outsource2Rescue. This policy may not apply to other Outsource2Rescue’s brand, divisions, websites and/or products or services such as and, they may have their own privacy policies. We may post additional information if more details are required to explain our privacy policy.

How we collect information

Website Contact us forms: We collect your information when you visit our websites or otherwise give to us. For example, we receive information from you while you call us with a question, place an order, provide a referral, write a review, create an account, or use any of our services.

The information we receive includes:
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your mailing address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Credit application information, such as your Social Security Number
  • Other payment information and Credit card number and
  • Demographic and lifestyle information, such as age, product preferences and personal interests
It may also include your referral(s) information such as name and address.


Cookies are commonly used by websites to store data on your computer. Like many other websites, we also gather information from cookies. The information collected from cookies may include your IP address, referring URLs, browser and device characteristics, how you entered our website, information you viewed and how you browsed through our website. Cookies may help us to identify you as a particular customer when you visit our site. Likewise on your activities on our website we may cater advertisements and offers to you in connection with your interest.

How we use information:

The information we gather on our website helps us to improve our services and the online information portal(website). We use information in order to fulfilling orders and requests for products, services or information. We can properly track and confirm online orders, delivering or installing products. It helps us to manage our loyalty program. We can market and advertise product and services in relevant way. With the help of collected information we understand and conduct research and analysis. We properly establish and manage your account with us. We also send newsletters for better communication and promotion of our products and services. It helps to identify you on our website and tailoring advertisements and offers accordingly via e-mail or mail over the phone or online based on your interactions with us.

How we share information:

Outsource2Rescue does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to any third parties. We share individual information only with our trusted partners and employees. This website may contain other websites link. Outsource2Rescue is not responsible for the content or privacy of such sites.

How we secure information:

At Outsource2Rescue, we value the trust you place on us. We use reasonable security steps to ensure the security of data. Our data is kept secure behind Outsource2rescue's encryption technology, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), in order to protect your personal information during data transport. We made the data more secure behind firewall with limited access. In order to avoid unauthorized data access or disclosure of information, data accuracy and ensure the lawful use of information, we employ trustworthy and very best in administrative, technical and physical procedures.