Outsource2R is HIPAA, ICD-9 and ICD-10 compliant, and focused at increasing the efficiency of your organization by reducing your cost by at least 45%. Our different delivery centers aid in short turnaround times, so putting your company achieving above the rest. Make our advantages yours by outsourcing your Healthcare BPO to O2R. Experience the Outsource2RESCUE advantage!

Our Services

  • Medical Billing & Coding

  • Claims Adjudication Services

  • Pharmacy Business Services

  • Teleradiology Services

  • Healthcare Software

  • Medical Transcription Services

  • Medical Animation & Illustration

  • The Healthcare Outsourcing Provides Following Benefits:

    • Reduction on operating costs to attain operational excellence
    • Advance healthcare solution to improve customer satisfaction
    • Far reaching health management service to support you solve the challenges frequent in today’s healthcare world

    The idea of spending affluence on recruitment and training of new staff disapproved by most of the industries, they in fact outsource their support-function to someone who can take care of these function while they can stay more focused on handling the core functions of the industries. To sum up, healthcare BPO is reasonable choice leading outsources to reliable, cost-effective and efficient services in order to transform their in-house support functions system in entirely a new way.

    Quality O2R PROVIDES
    1. Outsourcing healthcare BPO services to O2R influences you to enjoy successful healthcare outsourcing. We follow proven and standard methods to provide you quality medical billing and medical coding services.

    2. Quality check- All claims at O2R are double-checked by our analysts before submission

    3. We maintain log to evaluate coding claims and billing

    4. We maintain monthly log evaluation for medical coding and billing claims

    5. Quality standards followed in medical coding services- 100% HIPAA genuine

    6. Training- Rigorous and continuous in-house training to our staff, conducted by health professionals such as nurses, occupational therapist, physical therapists, and physicians, who had extensive experience with the US healthcare and documentation system.

    7. Monitoring- Each single file is monitored for accuracy and errors. If you are considering high-quality and customized services, outsourcing healthcare services to Outsource2Rescue will be the right choice. Top notch among healthcare BPO outsourcing companies. You can Save time, efforts and money by our outsourced healthcare services
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