Finding out the time to stay in touch with your customers regarding their paymens can be difficult. As important as cash is to your company, collecting on your A/R is often overlooked or pushed aside for other business priorities. Using our infrastructure gives you the freedom to reduce the cost associated with following up on slow paying accounts.

Outsource2Rescue offers a First Party collection service designed to streamline your internal efforts. We contact your customers as the representatives of your company, not as a third party collection agency. Our First Party program results in a maximum number of customer contacts resulting in better collections and improved customer satisfaction.

You will work simultaneously with an Account Manager to create a Fully Customized First Party campaign that may consist of live phone calls, email, letters and voice broadcasts. The customized solution will be programmed to decrease your outstanding A/R while maintaining a customer oriented approach.

Additional Benefits

  • Confidence that your Credit Policy will be implemented as you intended.

  • Fully customized to meet your Company’s needs.

  • High customer retention and satisfaction.

  • Decrease the number of accounts that go delinquent through increased contact.

  • Accounts that don’t resolve can be automatically moved into our Flat-Fee or Third Party Contingency Collections.

  • Feel free and let’s discuss what Outsource2Rescue’s First Party Debt Collections can do for your company. Please contact us today.