Contingency Collections – Call Center in Mumbai | Call Center in Navi Mumbai

As you know, different customers may have different and unique situations, and some past due accounts are little easier to resolve than others. So when Flat Fee debt collection struggle and fall short on some accounts, it’s time for a more intense approach that incorporates skip asset searches, tracing and, in some cases, legal action. Outsource2Rescue’s Phase 2 Contingency Collections holds integrity and diplomacy as our top most priorities. Our highly trained and experienced collectors strictly abide to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), HIPAA medical privacy laws and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This reduces complaints, maintains your image, and improves your chances of retaining the customer.

We make it more comfortable for your customers to bring their accounts current by offering numerous payment options, including online payments, pay-by-phone or using our secure web payment portal to pay with personal credit cards and checks.We hire only top notch collection specialists who understand the implication of specific markets such as B2B, Medical / Commercial / Healthcare, and Subscriber-based business models such as Propane / Heating, Pest Control, Waste Management, Media Subscriptions, Home Security / Alarm Monitoring, Bottled Water Delivery, Insurance, and many others. Using Outsource2Rescue’s Web View, our web-based client portal, you will have real-time access to all of your accounts, providing you a complete snapshot of their status any time you require it. You can also enter new accounts into this completely secure system, any time and from anywhere, using a simple web browser.

Additional Benefits
• Asset Verification.
• Your account is assigned to an individual collector who will use their expertise to handle the outstanding balance.
• 3rd party representation gets you paid NOW!
• Accounts that don’t resolve can be automatically credit reported.
• Forward to an attorney for additional legal work.
• Your contingency collection costs can be decreased further by charging a late fee and/or starting the recovery process with our Flat Fee Collections.
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