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Order Taking Services

Outsourcing order taking service to a call center provider will maximize the growth of sales of your product while your company can focus on promoting the product and building the brand/business. Order taking contact centers are customized for the order taking answering services to provide maximized up-selling for the products.

Why Order taking service is important to run your business?

In today’s world customers choose to place an order from their home through one call. They want to inquire about the product which they are thinking to purchase. Speaking to an agent in call will increase company sales.

Benefits of Order taking Service

  • Cost Reduction
  • Focus on product advertising
  • Eliminate Internal Hiring
  • Increase Product sales
  • 24/7 Services

Why to choose Outsource2rescue?

O2R is leading call center in mumbai which provide excellent work and Clients satisfaction across the globe. O2R has setup all latest technology to work efficiently with our highly professional Employees. OutSource 2 Rescue aims to be a leader in providing profitably services to any companies. O2R goal is to build good reputation company and to reach all around the world.

O2R welcomes you to get collaborate with us and increased your revenue and business power to reach maximum customers and clients all over the world with our enhancing work.

O2R provide a range of services from inbound-outbound sales to customer service, Phone calls to up-selling and cross-selling to online order taking service from your website.

The order taking agents operators at O2R are well trained and professionals in their job. They will further be trained depending on your requirements to provide a customized response to your customer, in an efficient manner. Our agents will go through your products and business and work in an efficient manner to give your customers complete satisfaction.