Outsource Pre-processing Services – Outsource project to call center in Navi Mumbai

Outsource Pre-processing Services

O2R’s mortgage process team handles pre-processing services for the home loan process. We order and review all the required forms, appraisal orders, CAIVRS authorization and help with Rate lock. During this stage of the mortgage process O2R works with lenders and brokers to help them complete all the important steps speedily.

1003 Review

The lender uses this form to record necessary financial information about an applicant who applies for a conventional mortgage. The Mortgage Services team at Outsource2Rescue reviews this form to ensure the completeness of the application (borrower names, employment history, occupancy history, signature, initials & date) so that it can be processed further.

Rate Lock

Outsource2Rescue takes care of the process of locking the current interest rate for an applicant for a specified period (15/30/45/60). Our home loan process contains a complete rate lock process as needed on a case to case basis.

Initial QC

We check for all the necessary documents, including W2s, Pay Stubs etc. so that the loan application has all the required details for further processing.

CAIVRS Authorization

O2R helps you prescreen borrowers and verify that the borrower does not have any default payment history. O2R performs the complete process of taking authorization from the FHA website by entering borrowers' Social Security Number.

MERS Check

O2R’s team checks the MERS website to find out if a borrower has an existing loan. The application is updated with this information and sent for further processing.

IRS Transcript Request

O2R places a request with the IRS for Tax Returns transcript by filling up 4506T form.

Appraisal Order

O2R orders appraisals from authorized appraisers by sending an email with the loan application reference and property details. Before the appraisal order is placed, we verify the payment receipt (for appraisal fee).

Partner with Outsource2Rescue and let our team handle the home loan processing at the pre-processing stage. Outsource Mortgage pre-processing services and other Mortgage Services to Outsource2Rescue.