Outsource Mortgage Pre-qualification Services- Outsource project to call center in Navi Mumbai

Outsource2Rescue offers effective and timely services for mortgage pre-qualification. Our team helps mortgage banks, brokers and lending institutions prepare GFE disclosures, TIL disclosures. We also get credit reports of valuable borrowers so that you can investigate credit worthiness. We offer the following services that require to be completed for pre-qualification for mortgage.

GFE Disclosure

Good Faith Estimate is an assessment of all the fees and charges that will be due at the closing of the mortgage loan. The Mortgage services team at Outsource2Rescue helps you prepare fees and charges and verify a GFE disclosure before it gets sent to the borrower.

TIL Disclosure

Truth-in-Lending is a federal law that needs mortgage lenders to provide written disclosure of all the conditions and costs involved with a loan. O2R’s mortgage pre-qualification service includes a quality check to ensure all the important information is provided in TIL disclosure.

Credit Report

Outsource2Rescue assists lenders in pulling credit reports from credit bureaus to determine the credit potential of a borrower before the loan gets pre-approved. Need help with Mortgage pre-qualification services? Contact Outsource2Rescue to outsource pre-qualification and other Mortgage services.